We are a software company
based in Yerevan, Armenia

About AleksLabs

AleksLabs is a software company based in Yerevan, Armenia founded in 2004 by Gagik Aleksanyan and Hayk Aleksanyan. It specializes in software solutions for business automation. Think about your company or organization, for example, there will be processes, at any organizational level, that form a sequence of related and structured activities performed by people to produce a service or a product. For specific examples, consider processes related to human resource management, accounting, digital archive management, etc. Certainly, there will be processes specific to the given organization only. Our goal is to streamline and organize such business processes by software applications. The software we create will help you to automate all or part of the business processes of your organization, have your data safe and sound in digital format, make your day-to-day operations more efficient. For several examples of what we can offer check our portfolio, or contact us to see how we can help.