Electronic Pension is a software system which provides automation of pension-related business processes regulated by the state laws. It operates in Republic of Armenia and Republic of Artsakh. The system, in particular, provides functionality for

  • automatic execution of a specific law regulating pension's assignment,

  • initial calculation and subsequent recalculations,

  • termination and restart of a pension,

  • organization of the (monthly) payment procedures throughout the country,

  • creating and maintaining an electronic database of pensioners.

The software was designed and developed in 2011 in Armenia and went through the initial usage and testing during 2012 in Social Security Public Service of the Republic of Armenia.

Since 2013 the system has been in daily use at Social Security Public Service of RA and all its 51 regional divisions throughout Armenia, as well as Ministry of Defense, National Security Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Justice, and the Police of the RA by so merging into a single platform several partial solutions being deployed since 2006.

At the heart of the Electronic Pension is the formal representation of the law. Each law of RA regulating the pension field gets an equivalent reformulation in terms of abstract models embedded into the system. Based on these models, the system whenever necessary can make automated decisions.

In particular, comparing the documents provided by a citizen and their existing data the system automatically generates all possible scenarios based on the laws applicable to the given situation and allows for a choice to be made by the citizen.

Law modeling of the system increases the overall efficiency of business processes related to pensions substantially. For example, in case of a possible change in legislation, the system can automatically analyze the consequences of a proposed change by providing necessary financial estimates. Furthermore, in case of an actual change of a particular law, the system can be quickly adapted to operate under a new legislation.

Using the approach adopted by the Electronic Pension as a proof of concept, the actual legislation of RA regulating the pension related matters, was improved into a unifying law instead of segmented solutions operating for years before. This was yet another standout manifestation of the efficiency of the system.

Extensions of the system

Since its release in 2011, the system has gone through several major extensions. At the initial stage, the system was covering only pensions regulated by civil legislature. Using the flexibility of the approach adopted in the architecture of the system it was extended to cover other types of pensions as well, namely pensions of civil servants (since 2015), and of armed forces (working since 2006 with partial solutions, and since 2018 in a unified framework).


Apart from its main operations described above Electronic Pension also has several subsystems covering various aspects of social security.

  • Since 2016 a new subsystem was added for managing the business processes related to social benefits extended for maternal leaves and childbirths.

  • A web-based subsystem allows citizens to submit online applications regarding pensions or social benefits and receive decisions to their emails.

  • Another subsystem creates and organizes the digital archive of the documents submitted by citizens into a personalized electronic document repository for citizens.

  • The system exchanges data with other governmental bodies as it becomes necessary, including The State Revenue Committee of the RA, Ministry of Justice of the RA, National Security Service of RA, and other governmental bodies operating with social security field of Armenia.

For many years now the Electronic-Pension has served, not directly, but per se to all pensioners of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh, however, you have never heard of it: this is the best acknowledgement of our work.